Monday, 17 March 2014

The Prince of Wales' Extraordinary Company

Well, I am keeping up with the release of new North Star IHMN companies even if I am not painting them!  I had forgotten I had pre-ordered the new PoWEC until they turned up at home last week.  A nice surprise!

This is a particularly nice set for someone like me who enjoys painting Sudan and Zulu War British.  Basically the set consists of six figures in standard home service uniform (i.e. the helmet has the spike on which wasn't used in the field).  There is a  sergeant in a bearskin, a medic in a patrol jacket, a character with some sort of large support weapon (I can't be bothered to get up and have a look at the rules as I have hurt my leg so am trying not to walk unless I have to) and the company leader, Captain Napier.  The official version of Captain Napier has him, oddly, in infantry uniform but with a lifeguard's cuirass.  Or, at least an approximation of one.  The one on the model is too short and finishes above the infantry belt whereas the actual ones worn at the time would have finished lower down with the belt over the cuirass.  I shouldn't be worrying about this sort of thing!  However, because I pre-ordered I also got a version of Captain Napier without the cuirass too, which is much better.  He will become Captain Jonty Smalme in my company!

Anyway, it's very tempting to get on with these straight away (as you can see I have already mounted them on washers) although I do want to finish a company of Confederation of the Rhine first.  Maybe I'll just paint one!

I am thinking about combining some figures from this unit with some of my Naval Brigade to check out Sir Lawrence Swann's house in Hampshire, given Scotland Yard were repelled from the area lately


  1. They are a very nice looking collection of figures. I'm sure i'll give into the temptation to get a set soon.

  2. You are amassing a goodly collection of figures for this game - I look forward to more game reports with them...

  3. Damn, I'd forgotten about these! There goes this weeks pocket money. (Go on, just one won't hurt)